About Emma

Accredited Rider Biomechanics Coach (RWYM Level 1)

Franklin Method® Equestrian Level 1 Educator

EquipilatesTM Registered Trainer

Equitation Science Practitionner

Advanced Body Control Pilates Teacher

Emma coaches riders of all levels, from adult amateur riders to the keen competitor (prelim to advanced medium). It really doesn’t matter what you choose to do with your horse, how you sit in the saddle has a huge effect on your horse’s performance.

What can you expect from a riding lesson with Emma!

Fun, empathy for horse and rider, and clear instruction. All lessons are rider-centred and you will be assessed for the effectiveness and stability of your position and aids in the saddle. Your lesson may focus on improving your horse’s movement or it may focus on improving your balance in the saddle. Many lessons will combine both approaches. Emma will work with you to progress your riding goals whether that be for competitions or a happy hacker. Emma particularly enjoys helping riders to recognise and overcome imbalances, confidence, asymmetry and the effects of injury.

Emma’s riding lessons will usually compliment what you are doing with your regular coach. How you sit on the horse can have a profound affect on the your horse’s performance. Emma aims to develop riders’ body awareness, feel and timing, which will develop forward, expressive gaits in their horses with good contact and obedience to light aids.

Emma works closely with Equitation Science International, The Osteopathic Vet (Tom Beech), Equine and Canine Solutions (Rachel Greentham – physiotherapy), LM Saddles Ltd (Jemma Aigner), Equestrian Confidence (Jo Cooper) and Forageplus (supplements for horses).



‘I love it when I rider begins to organise their body and seeing the horse respond positively to those changes.'’


  • "Tiny tweaks make huge differences"

    Thanks to Emma Malone Equestrian for a great lesson. We’ve been chatting and jamming and swapping ideas of interest for sometime, so the lesson was fascinating as expected. Tiny tweaks make huge differences.

    Fran McNicol and Cal
  • "Emma was great, very warm and understanding"

    I recently had an in hand lesson with Emma, my horse has had some veterinary and Osteopathic treatment and I was advised to do some in hand work. Whilst there is plenty of information out there about working in hand I wanted to be sure I was doing it correctly. Emma was great, very warm and understanding, she has a wealth of knowledge and she understood what I wanted to achieve. Emma demonstrated some ideas but also allowed me to put these in to action allowing me to iron out any question marks I had. I’ve been putting these ideas in to practice at home to good effect.

    Carol Hubble
  • "Rolling my hip forward has been a total game-changer"

    The advice you gave me regarding rolling my hip forward (ice-skater position) on the right rein has been a total game-changer. My seat is finally more even and it has transformed how straight Bug and I are. Just wanted to say thank you. xx

    Sarah French and Bug
  • "Can’t wait for the next session"

    Brilliant session yesterday, at Reaseheath college with Emma on the mechanical horse. Very interesting and learning to get my body in to a better position. very friendly and informative. Thank you can’t wait for the next session.

    Annabel Bourne
  • "I always thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Emma"

    Emma is excellent at transforming you from a rider to a balanced biomechanics rider. This enables you to use your body to move your horse more freely and without pulling on the reins or using other excessive aids. I always thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Emma and I’m looking forward to progressing my riding to the next level with Emma’s help.
    Highly recommend. This riding really works!!

    Leigh Ann Randell
  • "Everything is explained really clearly"

    I can’t recommend Emma’s lessons enough! I never would have imagined how much progress could be made in a single lesson and everything is explained really clearly so it’s easy to keep practicing at home. Genuinely can’t wait for my next lesson. Thank you

    Emma Bowker
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